Election: A vote for our future

Last updated 05:00 19/04/2014

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I'm struggling to decide who to vote for. I'm a foster parent and the things that are important to me are family and supporting our most vulnerable children.

I want to use my vote to support the party that will look into giving Child, Youth and Family Services an overhaul; giving them more resources so they can work with and protect our most vulnerable and gain the tools needed to become successful in what they do - instead of being a feared organisation.

I also want my vote to go towards a party that will outlaw synthetic highs.

You only have to read the daily news reports to see how this garbage is destroying families and people.

It's not safe and it's not OK what people do while using this stuff.

Family services in the community are stretched beyond their means.

Social workers don't have enough resources or are struggling to cope with the needs and requirements of their clients.

Families are often not getting the right information, and foster parents are generally unsupported.

Every day, New Zealanders are complaining about child abuse rates and how at-risk children are slipping under the radar.

I won't be blinded by all their fantastical promises. I want our Government to start focusing on what's important - our children, our future.

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