Why I'll be voting National

Last updated 05:00 21/04/2014

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What issues will get your vote?

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I will be voting for National. Why? Because every other party is simply trying to gain votes by having a go at National. They seem incapable of free thought or even agreeing with their opposition on anything.

If we can't have a country run by free-thinking, collaborating individuals, we might as well have the next best thing, a proven team who do about 80 per cent of the things we need right and don't have insane money-wasting policies that are only aimed at gathering votes.

It's simple, really. It's working under National, the others have no clue where they would go if they won. Stick with what you know, it may not be perfect but its a darn sight better that what it could become if Labour or the Greens were to win.

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