Election issues: I'm at a loss

Last updated 12:00 22/04/2014

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I am really not sure whether I have the heart to vote anymore.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m a very political animal; I listen intently to anything that effects the political scene and have a deep affection as to how politics and the freedom of the right to vote has kept the country moving along in the global expanse.

However what has given me this apathetic attitude is the constant barrage of a feeling of helplessness that anything will change.

It’s main stems from the arrogance and behaviour of politicians who seemingly without thought sell their souls or appear whiter than white at the start of their career but then get muddy along the way.

I find it all so very depressing that these individuals can be picked by party committees and the likes and be thrust into the political arena and then turn out to be so disappointing when it comes to ensuring the people of this nation are put first.

The second issue is other non-political people, some who are very well educated, who don’t have a clue as to which party is left, right, centre or even what they stand for.

Surely in this day and age you would think that most people who are of voting age would have a modicum of nous as to the particular personalities and political stance and its meaning of the parties involved.

But no, most people seem to be more concerned not for the advancement of the county as a whole and their fellow man but for their own personal gain, or if one politician is better-looking than another.

I have often wondered whether most people just vote out of duty and have no rational or logic about who gets the tick.

I have often wondered may be we need to take away the vote from people who basically have no clue or are just too lazy to be bothered - let’s have a test like we do for driving.

We had a chance to change things and yet we kept on the same path with MMP. 

Maybe if we all woke up to how our political world works and sought to change things for the better then I might be tempted to vote once again.

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