Changing flag 'waste' of money

Last updated 05:00 02/02/2014
UNSTICH THEM ALL?: The New Zealand flag is emblazoned on defence force uniforms.

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Our flag needs to remain as it is. There is no need to change a flag that means so much to this country - what we need is a little more innovation when it comes to designing sports teams' attire, if anything.

What if the All Blacks had arrived to matches in royal blue tracksuits with four red and white stars down the leg?

What if our athletes arrived at London or Sochi or any other sporting event dressed in something far more bright and colourful than just black with a little white fern on it? Would you have more connection to our flag then?

This little flag is the flag that our ancestors fought under. This is the flag so widely recognised by those we help. If you've ever walked in Timor Leste and heard kids yelling "Hey Kiwi! Kiwi!" and following you, you'd understand what I mean.

They knew that flag and the Kiwi from a mile off, so different to the Australian's.

But aside from all the emotional attachment and fierce loyalty I hold to this little flag, how about we look at the economic point of view?

How much will it cost this country to change the flag? Thousands? More like millions.

Why should we waste so much money that we could otherwise spend on things such as healthcare and education?

If we change the flag, every official flag in the country that is on a council or parliamentary building must be changed. So must every single patch on our defence personnel uniform - name tags, identifiers and the like. Every single flag in every office that officials use must also be changed. Who pays? The taxpayer will, of course.

Instead of rolling around old ideas of changing the flag, how about we actually get some proper policy and goals in place?

This country has a mineral wealth 10-15 times greater than Australia. This country could be rich, but chooses to be poor based on reasons that are so far out of proportion with reality it is not funny.

We export 98 per cent of our raw product without processing it - if we processed it here, not only would this country get more money but it would also create jobs and a wider skill base.

Far from moving itself forward with pride and creating a future vision that many would be justifiably jealous of, this country is miring itself further and further into a third world status with a huge and unsustainable welfare dependency.

But of course, changing the flag is more important, isn't it?

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