Current New Zealand flag has 'served us well'

Last updated 05:00 06/02/2014
New Zealand flag
FLAG IT: Union or no union?

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What should be on NZ's flag?

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Let's clear up one misconception - there is no official flag for the United Kingdom, the Union flag is the flag of the Monarch and represents the Monarch in their realms.

The use of the Union flag was also extended to the armed forces as they are in the UK, as in New Zealand, servants of the Monarch, not the government of the day.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have their own national flags. It has by custom and practice come to represent the United Kingdom, but has never been officially adopted as such.

In the United Kingdom it used to be an offence to fly the Union flag from any building except public buildings and those given dispensation.

The argument that our flag is often mistaken for the Australian flag means there are a lot of people out there who haven't a clue what either one looks like - the Australian flag has a rather large white star in the lower hoist canton, and is emblazoned with white stars, ours has no white star and is emblazoned with red stars with white edging.

I agree with Nat Grey that there are many better things to spend our tax dollars on than changing the flag.

I am ambivalent as to design of any replacement. If it is decided we must have a replacement though please remember the old adage about National Anthems: "the longer the anthem the less important the country".

I would think the same holds true for flags, only substitute the more garish the flag for longer the anthem.

Our flag has served us well for the last 110 years, and having the the Union flag in the upper left canton hasn't harmed us at all.

Our relationship with the United Kingdom has changed over that period, but it must be remembered the entrepreneurship of the the early settlers and their links to the UK, which of course had a ready market for the goods produced which also gave the producing countries, of what was then the Empire, preferential entry over countries such as the USA which produced food far more cheaply than New Zealand could and enabled New Zealand to prosper and grow.

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