A distinct emblem of NZ

Last updated 05:00 20/03/2014
Let's use the iconic images of New Zealand
Brian Mansberger

The Southern Cross and silver fern flag.

Janis Barbour said her flag incorporated the two flags we already have - one symbolising British history, the other symbolising Maori culture.

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What should be on NZ's flag?

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Following Prime Minister John Key's announcement of a referendum on New Zealand's flag, we asked readers to give their views on what should fly for us.

I'm an American, but I have been reading the recent news about selecting a new flag for New Zealand with much interest.

The national colours of New Zealand, the black, white, silver and red, are powerful, distinct colours, but care must be taken, especially with black, simply because it does have such a puissance.

As I've been reading about the debate, two images keep being pulled into the forefront of the conversation: the Southern Cross and the silver fern.

Both of these images are iconic and the flag is an incredible opportunity to unify New Zealanders around both of these images and create a true emblem to show to the world.

Canada went through a similar process, and their incredible flag is now an immediate identifier of their nation. New Zealand can, and should, aspire to the same ideal.

In my design, we use the national colours of New Zealand, and bring in the two predominant, iconic images of the Southern Cross and silver fern. We also preserve the red colour of the stars of the Southern Cross, which is a distinctive part of New Zealand's historical usage of the Southern Cross, and honour this traditional Maori colour.

The fiery, bright red stars, the spirit of a nation, sit in a field of peace (white), as befits the peaceful history of your wonderful nation.

We use silver for the silver fern to provide additional contrast to the flag's colours, and to be a true-to-life representation of the silver fern.

We put these two emblems into two different coloured fields on the flag, to ensure each stands out.

Additionally, by having the two fields side by side, the colours will be very visible when the flag is hanging from a pole and still be very recognisable.

When I look at this flag, I see a truly attractive, distinct emblem emerge by bringing together New Zealand's unique historical icons and its powerful national colours. 

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