Review: A noisy, grunty debut EP

Last updated 13:51 26/05/2014

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Formed in 2013, Royal Blood comprises of Mike Kerr (Vocals/Bass) and Ben Thatcher (Drums), from Worthing, England.

They have bolted out of the gates with this very impressive debut EP - Out of the Black.

It's hard to believe a two-piece can get this noisy and sound this huge, with nicely-produced noisy rock. It's reminiscent of QOTSA, Jack White and Japandroids, with obvious nods to Black Sabbath and Soundgarden.

The four songs on this EP hit the ground running with the impressive title track Out of the Black.

Next is current single Little monster, with its grunty riffage, power drumming and catchy chorus it will get metal heads nodding with approval.

Closing out the EP are the two tracks Come on over and 'Hole. The latter includes a very sabbath-inspired riff that sounds raw, noisy and glorious.

This is rock played like it should be, noisy and uncompromising. If huge noisy blues/garage rock music floats your boat. then this release is for you.

My only gripe is that with only four songs it leaves you begging for more!

A nice entree though before, hopefully, an ever more delectable main in the form of a full length album sometime soon. 

Nine out of 10.

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