Album review: Skymning - 1993

Last updated 05:00 05/07/2013
Skymning's album 1993.

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Skymning is a producer based in Wellington. He makes electronic music on more of a bass/ambient vibe and all his releases are available to download for free here.

Skymning's album 1993 has been my favourite album. Throughout the album you get this atmospheric vibe that feels some what nostalgic in a depressive but good way.

It's hard to explain, you have to have had listened to a lot of ambient/garagey/bass music in solitude to understand and feel the music. Take the song Cemeteries for example, the elements such as the rain sample and guitar melody just lace together so well to make you feel sad and happy at the same time.

Simple and soft melodic sounds recur throughout the album such as in It's Nothing with the finger snaps, claps and entrancing vocals by Lontalius. Skymning is on his own buzz, producing a sound that is so far out from mainstream music culture in New Zealand, a sound that exists more popularly in underground UK and US music scenes.

It's insane what this 17-year-old from suburban Wellington is producing, he is definitely one of many New Zealand producers to keep an eye on. If you dig music by the likes of XXYYXX, Flying Lotus and Purity Ring this may be your thing, if you just listen to the top 40, bless your ears with the sound of Skymning anyway, you just might like it.

If you ended up digging his music, I highly recommend Race Banyon, a collaboration between Skymning and Totems.

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