Album review: #Listen by Bulletproof

Last updated 05:00 30/11/2013
CATCHY: #Listen by Bulletproof.

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After only one week of listening to Bulletproof's album, #Listen, I will definitely be keeping it on my iPod.

A perfect blend of light drum and bass and pop, it's a hit with me. Bulletproof is not new to the DnB scene, roughly 17 years old, but this is a new direction.

Catchy tunes, but not in-your-face pop, this album won't grow old quickly.

It has dance moments (It's a Funk Thing), soul songs (Baltimore), and some parts of the album would be good in a rave (In My Soul for example).

There is a mixture of instrumentals and vocal tracks, and Zion's Theme beautiful vocals by Tali stand out. However, when I checked out the album on iTunes this song title was absent, a mystery to me.

There were 11 songs on the album I have but 17 songs on iTunes, a bargain, for sure, but I was slightly confused.

My favourite number, filled with dance and pop energy, is Revolution, a John Butler Trio remix. I walked to work five minutes quicker that day, the bounce in my step apparent to all onlookers.

The same can be said for the 80s sounding The Warning, reminded me of Salt-n-Pepa.

Great album, featuring some brilliant artists. 

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