Album review: Amos Lee's latest

Last updated 05:00 03/12/2013
Amos Lee
NEW SOUND: Amos Lee has a new album out.

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Amos Lee has one of the cleanest soul and country voices in music.

I warmed up to Lee with the song Arms of a Woman and he had me hooked.

His latest album released in October doesn't disappoint.

The album is called Mountains Of Sorrow Rivers of Song and Amos Lee sends chills down your spine with the tunes in this one.

With song titles like Chill In The Air, Tricksters, Hucksters, and Scamps, you know it's going to be original - even if Lee takes you back in time with the modern-sounding tunes.

Sit back, close your eyes and you might just for a moment think you're sitting in a smoky bar in southern USA.


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