My love affair with Fly My Pretties

Last updated 15:30 03/12/2013
Fly my pretties

HOMELAND TOUR: Mel Parsons takes centre stage during a number by Fly My Pretties.

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You know that a band is really worth loving if songs from every album are consistently on your most played, top rated and most recently listened to playlists. For me this band is Fly My Pretties, a Kiwi band with an ever-changing cast that records albums from live shows.

At first I started listening because of a boy, he played me 'Singing in my soul' and I fell in love. I thought it was with him but turns out it was with the song. I quickly became hooked on the Live at the Bats album, while having an affair with The Return on the side.

By the time my favourite album ('A Story') had come out I introduced this new love interest to my family, and got the hard earned approval from the parents.

Before I knew it Fly My Pretties (FMPs) was the go-to album for family events, the only music we could all agree upon.

Several songs were quickly learnt on the guitar, I mastered 'O fair moonlight' on the piano, and I have a vivid memory of FMPs joining us on a hiking trip. We may not have had speakers but we all knew enough words to start a sing-along as we trekked through beautiful New Zealand bush.

I finally got a chance to take the relationship to the next level at my first concert experience (the recording of FMP IV).

The performance was amazing. You can really tell when artists love what they are doing and that sort of passion is incredibly contagious.

Unfortunately, this has now become a long distance relationship, but even from overseas my love has never and will never fade.

Unable to attend the recording of the latest album I had been counting down the days till the release of The Homeland Recordings like a young girl checking the mail every day for a love letter from her sweetheart.

Finally here and it's everything I could have asked for. I am convinced of how strong our love is, and know it will last the time and distance.


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