Album review: The Virginmarys

Last updated 05:00 09/12/2013
 The Virginmarys, King of Conflict
TURN IT UP: The Virginmarys, King of Conflict.

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It's a rare occurrence to come across an album where you love every single song, there always seems to be a track or two on each CD that you find yourself persistently skipping.

The Virginmarys debut album King of Conflict, however, is one of those rare finds. A British alternative rock album that yearns to be played up loud with the car windows down, as a testament to everyone around you that you have good taste.

Already a favourite of well-known artists such as Eagles of Death Metal, Slash and We Are Scientists, The Virginmarys have been honing their musical abilities since 2007, not signing to several labels until 2012 as they wanted the freedom to make their own sound. And it's a sound that you'll love.

With Ally Dickaty's defiant voice growling on each song, Danny Dolan keeping track on drums and Matt Rose on bass (even if he uses a pick he'll be forgiven), the full force of The Virginmarys permeates through the speakers, hitting your ears and tingling your nerves until your head starts nodding and your feet start tapping.

If you're a rock lover or a serious CD collector, make sure you grab a copy of King of Conflict.

It's an absolute aural treat.

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