Review: Korn's best album yet

Last updated 10:58 27/01/2014
KORN: The Paradigm Shift

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Hitting the scene in 1993 with a new heavy, moody down-tuned sound, Korn has been credited with - and lambasted for - creating a new type of metal, and the countless imitators that followed.

As they experimented, returned to their roots, then experimented again on subsequent albums, the internet was awash with opinions from both metal fans and non-fans alike.

Due to their uniqueness, they were the band so many critics loved to comment on.

I am a hardcore fan of 15 years and I believe their latest album to be their best.

I would go as far to say as it was the best metal album of the year.

The Path of Totality confused many people - being completely electronic - but I loved it because it still retained their heavy signature.

The Paradigm Shift takes that electronic innovation and slams it into the face of their old-school melodic sound. We get a fresh-sounding, heavy, metal-first-electronic-second sounding Korn album.

Insanely well produced, you are hit hard with a simple but bruising opener in Prey For Me, followed by the amazing Love & Meth, an ode to lead singer Jonathan Davis' struggle with drug addiction, with catchy riffs, fantastic samples, slamming bass and a sing-along chorus.

There isn't a single flawed track.

This album entertains and makes you nod your head in agreement all the way through.

The electronic lead Spike In My Veins half way through, with its fantastic rolling bass line at its chorus, sets you up for a reflective second half, finishing with the brutal It's All Wrong, with Korn finishing with a huge breakdown.
Metal fans rejoice!

Korn are back with their finest work - easily my most-played album in a long long time. 

*Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that this album was released in 2014.

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