Album Review: Yours Truly

Last updated 05:00 29/01/2014
Ariana Grande

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Have you ever experienced a love letter? 

Singer-songwriter and actress, Ariana Grande melodically pens the feelings of a hopeless romantic in her debut album, Yours Truly.

The violins of Honeymoon Avenue, the opening track, transport you to an idyllic scene of Swan Lake, where two lovers dance around each other and struggle to connect because of opposing external factors.

Tattooed Heart projects a similar atmosphere, although the sustained power-ballad notes demonstrate her potential staying power as an influential singer for young aspiring musicians. 

Since she is under 21, her album is also punctuated with fun, upbeat tracks. The flirty and suggestive nature of The Way debuted at number 10 on the US billboard Hot 100 last year. Her superior vocal skills are showcased by the Mariah-esque whistle notes at the end (this vocal register decorates two other singles from this album). The throwback R&B style of this song reminds me of a time when music was about that. The music. It wasn't about auto-tune perfection. Rather, it's a track that's perfect for the radio.

Being a cute dimple-faced Nickelodeon star from the teen show Victorious, it has been difficult for Grance to project maturity through her music, although she carries herself with the class and elegance of Audrey Hepburn.

Parents don't need to heed caution when their daughters listen to Ariana Grande because she is the definition of a young woman: classy and current.

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