In my handbag: An intriguing assortment

Last updated 05:00 16/10/2013
In my handbag

ORGANISED CHAOS: Access cards, books, USBs and dog accessories galore.

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What's inside your handbag?

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My handbag is usually more of a tool kit than anything, though that varies from day to day.

I have seen some funny expressions from those who have glimpsed inside while I've been trying to find something.

The usual contents are:

* 2 cell phones (one personal, one work)

* Wallet plus two 2 purses for all those annoying coffee cards

* 1 or 2 pocket knives for cutting cable ties

* Cable ties

* Multi-tool

* Selection of USB sticks with diagnostic software etc

* WD 1TB hard drive

* Pens & paper for taking notes

* Pills - enough to fill a pharmacy: ibuprofen, panadol, codeine etc

* Work swipe tag and ID

* Body butter

* Dog treats and poo bag dispenser

* Compact re-usable shopping bag

* Various lip balms

* Unidentifiable lint

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