Inside the man bag

Last updated 09:30 06/12/2013
man bag
SET TO GO: Matt Robinson's man bag is packed for items needed for any natural or social disaster.

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The man bag also known as a satchel.

Inside, I keep the newspaper of the day, generally the Waikato Times, the book I try to conquer every morning on the bus, deodorant, a toothbrush, a razor and my most important tool, the iPad mini.

My year-old iPad was a birthday and Christmas gift last year and contains a library of books, movies, albums, built in camera and games galore. Technology is truly astounding.

After those items, the contents of the man bag begins to get a little unusual...

A mini first aid kit with everything I could possibly need short of a defibrillator.

The wind up torch/radio/cell phone charger.

And, finally, three different coloured ties, already tied.

Ever since I was a kid I have felt the need to be prepared and with the supplies in my man bag (I should seriously stop calling it that).

I am prepared for any situation. Natural disaster, random injury or an unexpected social event that may or may not require a horrid turquoise coloured tie.

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