'I do crazy things when I'm bored'

Last updated 10:35 10/07/2014

WOOOOO: Jade Benfell parapenting in Queenstown.

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What's the scariest thing you've ever done?

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I've lived a sheltered life with a family that was never really into doing exciting things.

It dawned on me about ten years ago that I didn't want to live a boring life. So I've made sure to have little jolts of scary excitement along the way.

Performing on stage in musicals gives my heart a wee flutter but that's nothing.

Over the years I've done many roller coaster rides, the Shotover Jet, Hot Air Ballooning (amazing), two years ago it was tandem parapenting and soon I hope to go parasailing.

These are all terribly thrilling and I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

But I've also done something else that's rather different from the norm in the sense of scary stuff. I've been on a billboard...naked...TWICE!

It was for two separate radio competitions and I must have been crazy at the time but the prize seemed pretty good and I guess I must have been quite bored at the time. I'm like that. I do crazy things when I'm bored.

There's nothing as scary as getting your kit off and having it plastered on a massive billboard. Even thou my face and 'special bits' were covered up people still knew it was me.

My family think I'm utterly crazy . . . fair enough, I probably have a few screw loose. But at least I'm not boring.

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