Stocking up in case of disaster

Last updated 05:30 22/01/2014

What's your disaster plan?

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What's your emergency plan?

No such thing as being too prepared Emergency plan: preparing to survive Emergency plan: Plan to camp in disaster Emergency plan: Keep calm and help others Stocking up in case of disaster

After Monday's 6.2 earthquake in the lower North Island, we asked our readers to share their plan for if a major disaster struck near them. Mellissa Warrington has left nothing to chance.

I have a first aid kit in my car, garage and an extensive one in my house which contains supplies of all our medications.

The first aid kits I have in the car and garage are the ones used on liferafts, so they are extremely comprehensive.

Also in my garage we have a tent, bottles of water, blankets, spare clothing and food, along with heating, a barbecue, two gas bottles and spare footwear.

The car has bottled water in it as well as a blanket.

There are spare keys to everything, including the house, garage and car, kept in a safe place.

In the emergency kits inside and out there are candles, torches, spare batteries and a wind-up torch which has a radio and cellphone charger, flashing red light and siren.

The kits also include toiletries, food for the animals, including pain relief for them should they have been injured, and seeds to grow our own food, as you never know how long you could be on your own.

We already have a vegetable garden which generally has something in it all year round.

We also have an emergency plan and preparedness diagram, which includes where we would go and who to contact.

Have you made a plan in case disaster strikes? Share it with the rest of New Zealand to help get them prepared. 

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