Emergency plan: Plan to camp in disaster

Last updated 05:00 24/01/2014

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What's your emergency plan?

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Monday's magnitude-6.2 earthquake promoted us to ask our readers what they had planned in the event of an emergency near them. Julie Bentz says being prepared doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

The biggest threat we see at present is from earthquakes and there is no excuse for not being prepared.


It doesn't need to cost much money. It's surprising how much can be gathered together and sharing a plan with neighbours halves the load no matter whether you live in country, town or city.

Make it a project for the kids as well. Start by gathering enough for three days. Anything after that is a bonus.


We could camp out quite comfortably for a long while if necessary.

We have enough supplies for a few months including food, plus seeds to plant if necessary, water, cooking and fuel, bedding, clothing, medical supplies and communications, plus shower and toilet facilities. We also have a rain water collection plan and plenty of firewood.

If there is a disaster, our plan is to stay put on our property if possible, as we live in the country. This is for security reasons and also so as not to drain resources that would be needed for other people.

Our neighbours have the same plan and we would be sharing with each other.

Important paperwork has been photocopied and is in a ready to go folder along with cash. Spare keys have been hidden.

The rest of the family will meet at our place if and when they can.

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