Warriors' woes 'in the mind'

Last updated 10:00 13/06/2014
Andrew McFadden
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NEW COACH: Andrew McFadden.

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The Warriors have to be hands-down one of the most inconsistent teams on the planet in recent times.

One week they are shooting stars, showing some of the best rugby league in the world, and the next week leaves even their most loyal fans about to throw remotes through televisions.

So what causes this inconsistency? Is it poor coaching? Poor management? Wrong team atmosphere?

No. It's mindset.

I believe sports is all about mindset. What you think, is what you are capable of. If you say you can't do it, you won't do it.

Sometimes with the Warriors, I wonder how bad they really want it. Are they willing to go through pain and endurance to get the Provan-Summons Trophy come October 5 at ANZ Stadium?

New coach Andrew McFadden is young, but I believe he has enough experience under his belt to topple the big teams. His style of coaching is similar to that of Ivan Cleary, who took the Warriors to the Grand Final in 2011.

It is important for the management team of the Warriors to give McFadden a solid chance.

I don't feel that Matt Elliot was given a fair enough shot. He got fired four rounds into the season, whether or not he had an agreement with the senior management, a coach of his calibre shouldn't be embarrassed in that way.

When the Warriors fire up and want to win, they will do it. They can conjure up Ben Matulino off-loads, Shaun Johnson's X-Factor, Kon rad Hurrell's physicality.

But they have to want to win.

There's only so much the coach can do. The Warriors need to front up in the second half of the season, show their fans they aren't wasting their love and time, and prove to themselves that they can preform to their potential and win a premiership.

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