The current New Zealand flag is not and never was our flag

Last updated 12:39 16/09/2015
new zealand flag

Is it time to leave this flag behind?

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In November we choose which flag we would like if we changed.

Early next year, for the first time in our country's 175 year existence, we get the chance to choose our own flag.

Our national pride demands that we must not waste this opportunity to proclaim our independence, once and for all.

The current flag is an adopted British flag. Like Australia's, it is the British blue ensign with the Southern Cross placed on it, as the British required us to use on our ships.

The Southern Cross was our colonial badge, symbolising our allegiance to Britain. This flag was adopted as our flag by the Seddon government in 1902 and is the one we still use today.

Our soldiers, along with millions of other young men from many countries, friend and foe, fought for their god, king and country as required by their respective aristocracies and governments. Most young men went to war in ignorance; some expecting it to be a huge adventure, others because they deemed it their duty and more still because they were afraid of being branded cowards. However, by far the most were conscripted to serve or face incarceration.

Whatever the reason, it had nothing to do with the flag.


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Questions linger over flag debate

Why a fern should be on New Zealand's flag

After the wars, after we had given Britain the lives of thousands of our men, we began to realise that our future lay elsewhere.

By the 1970s, the Empire had become the Commonwealth, the British had forsaken or lost most of its colonies and joined the European Union.

Along with our neighbour, Australia, we turned to the USA.

Through the 1970s we changed to decimal currency and metric measurement.

In the 1980s Roger Douglas changed the way we managed our finances and David Lange's nuclear policies showed the world that we were indeed an independent country.

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We now trade with the world.

With immigration, our population is less and less British and more and more global.

Yet the British flag remains.

We have the opportunity now to throw off this British empire brand, this last vestige of our colonial subservience.

We must take it!

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