Flag designs are utter rubbish

Last updated 14:48 09/10/2015
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New Zealand's population isn't purely crazed rugby players, triangle lovers, nor hypnotists, says Nadine Booster.

Final five New Zealand flags: Which is your favourite?

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Which is your favourite flag?

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I'm just going to say it. I support the current flag, and find the other options complete and utter rubbish.

The Government never should have gone ahead with a fully-fledged flag campaign, a flag panel (one with only one flag expert and the other eleven sporting heroes and what-not) and a whole referendum, when in reality the majority of people did not want the flag changed, and had clearly been opposed to the idea as soon as it was brought up.

The Government has wasted a total of what - $28 million dollars? All on something that the majority of people in their country do not want.

They should have had a referendum to ask if we wanted to change the flag first, instead of forcing us to choose between five horrible designs, after a long, pointless and expensive process, that the biased flag panel chose, including pretty much three of the same designs - a silver fern (that isn't even silver on the flags) dumped on some sort of colour.

The only thing the silver fern makes me think of is rugby.

It's fine for the All Blacks to wear that on our uniforms, but to put that on the flag?

New Zealand isn't just rugby. I don't play rugby. I don't see John Key playing rugby.

Not everyone loves and plays the game rugby, so why would we put the logo of our rugby sports team forward to represent our country.

The other options, a few triangles placed on top of each other - nicknamed redpeak - even though the peak isn't red, and a black and white koru - which looks more like some sort of hypnotising tool.


* It's the worst flag of the five, but Red Peak's inclusion is the right one
John Key would vote Red Peak over status quo

Maybe we could have used it before John Key spent so much money on these useless designs, and hypnotised him into spending the money on something less pointless - like the health system, or education in schools, or kids living in poverty.

As for the old flag, I simply don't understand the arguments people put forward opposing it.

It looks too much like Australia's? This is no reason to get our flag changed. There are so many countries around the world with literally the same stripes, in the same colour, in the same order, facing the same way - pretty much the same flag. But we don't hear them moaning on and on about it.

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It doesn't represent us? Yes, it does. The southern cross is in our night sky throughout the year. The stars are red because Maori regarded it with the mark of mana.

Ah, yes - apparently the Union Jack only represents Britain?

The Union Jack is a significant part of New Zealand's history. It represents the British coming over to our shores. They signed a treaty with the Maori people, and brought modern methods of doing every day tasks to New Zealand. It is a part of our history - it represents that part on our flag.

I'm not old enough to vote against any of the new designs, so I'm begging you, please, when the final referendum happens in which you have to choose between our current flag and one of the terrible designs I mentioned earlier, vote for the current flag because any of the designs going up against it should not be representing our country.

New Zealand's population isn't purely crazed rugby players, triangle lovers, nor hypnotists. 

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