I'm ashamed of our flag options

Last updated 18:00 12/10/2015
final five flags

National MP Stuart Smith with the final five flag options.

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Flag design is even more intricate than business card design: You have to take into consideration the past, the present and the future of the country, what it stands for, what it represents and how it wants to be viewed by the world.

The current flag designs are a simple example of what kindergarten children would think our country stands for. It is thoroughly obvious that proper artists and designers were not consulted.

As a Kiwi, I am ashamed to even put my tick behind any of these designs. It's the equivalent of submitting a comic strip while some other artist submits the Mona Lisa to the Louvre.

New Zealand is not just about white or black, or a fern, or a koru, and what do the triangles represent anyway? Where do the blue, red, white and black colours fit into our society today?

As far as history goes a country's flag is the equivalent of a king's ensigns - it represents that particular kingdom and is held high at all times.

Everybody has to be proud of their flag. I cannot leave out how patriotic and supportive Americans are of their flag. It hasn't changed in decades. If it did, don't you think we would view them differently? Less powerful, more indecisive, double-hearted, less loyal, less brave?

Even their anthem is written expressly for the star-spangled banner.


* We all deserve our say on the flag

* Flag designs are utter rubbish

It's the worst flag of the five, but Red Peak's inclusion is the right one   

Why do Kiwis show so little loyalty and support to things that are of such great importance?  

Our flag needs our true devotion - stop wanting to change it.

Our poor need more food - stop wasting money on unnecessary referendums.

Our people need more encouragement - scrap the tall poppy syndrome.

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Just get behind what our beautiful country is all about and let's push together, we'll all be amazed at how far we get as a unit.

Let's abandon pulling New Zealand apart by differentiating between cultures, nationalities and sports. Viva New Zealand!

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