We should give flag money to the poor

Last updated 14:25 25/11/2015

The alternative flag designs fly outside The George Hotel in Park Avenue, Christchurch.

Final five New Zealand flags: Which is your favourite?

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Which is your favourite flag?

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Please, can you justify spending $26 million?

We have a housing problem in New Zealand with crowded housing because of poverty. Surely this money needs to be spent on housing, clothing and feeding our nation.

There are also people in Christchurch who still have not had proper help with housing or relocation costs.

What is wrong with this nation or the people leading it. Are you really aware of how the poor live? Do you really know what it feels like?


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I myself am not poor and I have a very good job, but I do know of cases and I read about it on a regular basis.

Our flag is a materialistic thing. It is not a necessity.

We need as a nation to get it right. I can see many other areas where this money should be spent.

What about families who have a terminal illness and need to rely on public generosity by putting out public appeals so that they can receive the treatment needed.


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If our country was financially well off and our people all taken care of, then fine I would be OK with it but as you know that is not the case.

So don't waste any more money or people's time and put a stop to this waste of money new flag.

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If it goes ahead I hope those who are behind it never get sick or have to suffer financial difficulty.

I really don't know how they could sleep at night.

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