If you settle for less that's what you get

Last updated 15:23 27/11/2015
The 'White Koru on Blue Background' by John Hyndman of Canterbury like so many excellent designs was overlooked by the selection committee.

The 'White Koru on Blue Background' by John Hyndman of Canterbury like so many excellent designs was overlooked by the selection committee.

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To all graphic artists, designers, and interested members of the New Zealand Public. We think that it is probable that the outcome of the second flag change referendum will be 'No to change'. However, the Alternative 4 Facebook community believes that change is inevitable.

In the event of a no vote, we have come up with a contingency plan that attempts to ease New Zealanders into change through a revised process. The goal is to find the best possible design that will be an inspiration to New Zealanders and the rest of the world, uniting us as a country rather than dividing us.

We believe the four New Zealand flag designs chosen by the government selection committee do not meet the standards of excellence necessary for our national flag. We do not want to engage in a process that involves having to settle for less. It should be hard to decide between the designs because they all meet standards of excellence. This means it will be easy to accept the decision of the majority if your preferred design is not chosen.

Presently, we believe that out of the full selection Red Peak is the only viable design option. However, we have to be absolutely sure. Red Peak must be able to hold its own against the best possible designs.

Either choose a design from those submitted to the New Zealand government and posted on the Flag Design Gallery and post it on our Facebook page or design your own.

If you use Maori elements in your flag you should do your research thoroughly. Make sure you understand exactly what the symbol means.

Make sure you contact a Maori representative interested in flag change and consult with them.

A team of New Zealand artists, designers in consultation with Maori and Non-Maori New Zealand officials will make a selection of four. This selection along with the Red Peak will be submitted to the New Zealand government. A request will then be made to proceed with another referendum at an unspecified date.

The voting paper will include six designs: the current flag, Red Peak and the four alternative designs. If the vote is 'No to change' we propose New Zealand shelve the flag change project indefinitely.

In closing, we think that the 'White Koru on Blue Background' by John Hyndman could with consultation with Maori be considered for the 'Alternative 4' list.

'The koru (the unfurling silver fern) symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. It is an integral symbol in Maori design and carving. The koru on blue background represents our place in the Pacific Ocean.'

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