That's it, Christmas is cancelled. Seriously

Last updated 09:30 02/12/2013
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NO MORE: It's easy to get caught up in the Christmas hype.

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Why do you love (or hate) Christmas?

Christmas 'too big' to enjoy That's it, Christmas is cancelled. Seriously Christmas? I'm outta here Christmas baby grew into a grinch

When I first got married I embraced Christmas with all the zeal the season required. I made lists, got the food, made sure each of the new relatives got appropriate presents. I sent the cards early enough so they arrived in time but not so early that they made people feel bad.

Mostly we went to (my now ex) husband's parents place to celebrate with his family.

Instructions soon followed on what and how much food was to be prepared, brought and served and how much my two children were allowed to eat.

After about 10 years of this and several years of snide remarks about the value of presents, types of gifts, quantity and type of foods brought, I had enough.

The stone ginger was the phone call on December 28 one year telling me that my homemade Pavlova was a disgrace, my two children ate too much, the cards I sent were not Christmassy enough and the gifts I bought were cheap and not evenly applied.

I exploded and said: "That's it, Christmas is cancelled". From that year on I bought no presents, sent no cards, made and took enough food to share and made sure that my children did not go hungry or were the target of cutting remarks. I didn't put up Christmas decorations or lights. December 25 was just another day.

It was one of my better decisions. Zero stress and it didn't hurt the bank balance either.

I am not Christian and haven't been for the past 45 years. I celebrate quietly my chosen special days and leave the other days to those for whom it matters. I always worked Christmas Eve and Day, along with Easter holidays, so those with families could celebrate.

I am so over the whole Christmas hype and shebang. It is nothing except the hijacking of the Pagan festivals that has been turned into a debt-fest and guilt-inducing horror show. It's a time of the year that this Pagan family is glad to leave to others.

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