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Kiwi flicks to watch out for


A string of cracker Kiwi flicks have hit cinemas this year, but there's more to come.

Top 5 stop-motion movies


Ever since I saw little balls of clay manipulated into movement I’ve loved the hand-made style of animation.

Let’s talk Harley Quinn

Let's talk about Harley

Suicide Squad was OK ... it was the continuity of Harley Quinn's outfits that bothered me.

Heroes of Suicide Squad


The worst heroes to disgrace the big screen appear in DC’s super-hyped Suicide Squad. Let's take a look.

Ghostbusters is 'hilarious'

The lack of the male gaze and objectification of the female characters in Ghostbusters is refreshing.

The Warcraft world

I’m a Warcraft virgin, but I’ve got five points to help navigate your way through this fantasy world.

My 5 favourite Cannes films


The top five films I’m hoping to see at this year's NZ International Film Festival.

5 things to love about X-Men

There’s plenty to get excited about in X-Men: Apocalypse, writes Clayton Barnett.

Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evans

Superhero vs superhero movies are risque and if not executed perfectly could fall flat.

5 live-action remakes

The Jungle Book


With The Jungle Book's success, it’s no wonder Disney are turning animated classics into live-action blockbusters.

Five long-awaited sequels

Finding Dory


With some highly hyped cinematic sequels about to hit our screens, Clayton Barnett previews five of the best.

Fan frenzy over Capt America

Captain America Civil War


Five things we've learnt from the release of the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Making a Marvel superhero

Marvel's Deadpool character is about to go from zero to box-office hero, says Clayton Barnett. This is why.

Young Han Solo contenders

Star Wars

Who's got what it takes to play a young version of the galaxy’s favourite nerf-herder in the next Star Wars spin-off?

Top picks for Golden Globes

The Martian

With awards season rapidly approaching, Clayton Barnett shares his picks for the Golden Globes.

Top book-to-film adaptations

The Martian

If you want to read a good book before seeing the film version, here are five of the best for 2016.

Films to keep the kids happy

Hotel Transylvania 2

Looking to entertain your kids over the holidays? Clayton Barnett looks at your best family film options.

Best Hollywood remakes

Hollywood remakes of foreign films don't always go to plan, but Clayton Barnett's rounded up some classics.

Biopics cause song and dance

Amy Winehouse

Clayton Barnett looks at the dramas involved in bringing biopics of troubled artists to the big screen.

5 knockout movie fight scenes


As Jake Gyllenhaal dominates in boxing movie Southpaw, Clayton Barnett picks his top five fight scenes.