Oblivion: Recycled plots destroy Earth

Last updated 05:00 25/05/2013
OBLIVION: Tom Cruise playing, well, Tom Cruise.

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Like many science fiction films today much of Oblivion's plot was ripped from other movies. Moon, Independence Day and Planet of the Apes had their plots pillaged, but this doesn't make Oblivion a terrible film. Just an average film. When it comes to science fiction original thought is dead.

REVIEW: Oblivion, directed by the man who butchered Tron, Joseph Kosinski, follows a robotic drone repair man during his last two weeks on a devastated planet Earth.

The Earth is in ruins after an invading alien race destroyed the moon 60 years before the film. Humanity eventually defeated the invaders and has now abandoned Earth and moved on to one of Jupiter's moons.

Tom Cruise plays the male lead in this film and unsurprisingly played Tom Cruise. Any actor who had an all American feel to him could have played the role.

Then comes the twist. There are still people hiding on Earth and Tom Cruise has been lied to about his mission.

Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough play the two love interests. They are amazing actors who were cast in the film for sex appeal. I'm not complaining.

Tom Cruise's main form of transport is an awesome rocket helicopter machine that unfortunately looks like male genitals.

The technology in this film was very realistic. There weren't any laser guns or instant teleportation, the least realistic part was when NASA was shown to have a manned space programme.

The computer generated landscape was awe inspiring. A world unique in its destruction, yet the viewer is always reminded that this is their home. Devastated cities and dried up oceans. A shattered moon lighting up the night sky. A completely alien Earth.

If you like amazing computer generated worlds, great original music, explosions and M rated nudity this is a film you'll enjoy. If you are a huge science fiction fan, see this, but don't expect anything moon shattering.

I would give this film a 3/5.

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