You gotta go see: World War Z in 3D

Last updated 05:00 30/06/2013

Trailer: World War Z

world war z

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World War Z, directed by Marc Forster, barely resembles the book of the same name. The zombies and characters couldn't be more different. But as a stand-alone zombie film it got everything right.

Gone are the days of slow-moving zombies, shuffling their feet after brains.

The zombies of World War Z are fast-moving predatory creatures that can convert a loving parent into a ravenous monster in 10 seconds flat.

Rather than the typical zombie need to eat flesh, these zombies have a desire to infect every human they can. A single zombie can become 50 in about a minute. This adds to the tension of the film.

Brad Pitt who plays the main character, Gerry Lane, was his typical awesome self, looking grizzled. He plays a former UN investigator who dealt with war crimes, so naturally he is the best choice to investigate the source of an undead virus.

The scene of a mountain of undead climbing over the wall that separates Jerusalem from Palestine is a beautiful thing. In the film Israel lets in Palestinian refugees, which is enough to make the religious orthodox members of the audience leave the theatre.

At times though, the computer generated hordes were a little over done and did look fake.

However, if you want to be thrilled with 3D corpses jumping out of the screen this is a movie to see. The gore is nearly non-existent and since it's rated M13+ it's a great film to take your kids to, if you think they can hack it.

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