Recipe competition: Grandma's trifle

Last updated 14:30 13/12/2013

LIKE GRANDMA MAKES: Liz Milner sent in this recipe for a Christmas trifle.

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Main ingredient Fruit
Type of dish Pudding
Course Dessert
Cooking time 2+
Serves/makes 6
Special options None

For our Christmas hamper competition, our readers are sharing their best festive recipes.

1 - 1 1/2 cups fruit (stewed rhubarb, canned peaches, etc)
1 x trifle sponge
Boysenberry jelly
Custard (home-made works best, but store bought is fine but might need to be thickened)
Whipped cream
A Flake bar or sprinkles to decorate the top

1. Make jelly up with half the amount of water. While it is cooling down place fruit in the bottom of the bowl.

2. Break up sponge and place on top, then pour the cooled jelly over the top slowly. Leave in fridge at least a few hours or until set.

3.. Prepare custard, make it nice and thick. Once cooled pour over the fruit/sponge/jelly mixture. Leave to fully set in the fridge (overnight is best).

4. Before serving whip cream and spoon on top of the custard. Crumble Flake or put the sprinkles over the top to decorate.

5. Serve and enjoy!

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