Climate change: The 'biggest threat' to humanity

Last updated 10:30 12/06/2014

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We live in historic times. We live in a period of human history when there is still time to stop catastrophic climate change.

In fifty years time, it may be too late to do anything, the wheels may be set in motion for enormous sea level rises, changing weather patterns, and increasingly extreme storms, floods, droughts and other weather-related disasters.

Previous generations faced world wars, the Great Depression, and generations before that suffered much more than we do today. In times of war, whole countries would band together to back the war effort. Rations would be made on food, young men (and women) would fight and often die for the cause of protecting their nation's freedom. They fought for the future, for their families, for their children, and children's children. They made sacrifices so that we may live in peace today. What are we willing to do to protect the generations to come, who have to lie in the bed we make for them?

Science clearly shows that global warming is a massive threat to our future peace and prosperity. It already is going to effect the lives of young people today, and the lives of all generations of humans to come. This is the biggest threat mankind as a species has faced. We should treat it like we would treat a World War. Only we are all on the same side this time, all humanity on one side.

World War is the scale of the problem and the response to World War is the scale of the response that's needed.

What's beautiful about this is it gives humankind as a species a common problem to fight against, to band together as one. We could see humankind more united and peaceful than it has ever been before. Challenges have that quality, of bringing people together, of breaking down barriers and prejudices.

This is the biggest problem humankind has ever faced - but also presents the greatest opportunity for human goodness and unity that the world has ever known.

To quote Charlie Chaplin: "We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness - not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another."

United by a common cause, we could be a part of the biggest outpouring of humanity in human history.

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