Sometimes euthanasia is a kindness

Last updated 05:00 13/11/2013

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I am against every Tom, Dick and Harry opting out of life on a whim but in situations that demand the consideration of euthanasia, we must allow it.

In cases of crippling disease such as those that arise from time to time in the media, euthanasia is the only kind option.

As a society, we don't bat an eyelid regarding the humane euthanasia of household animals. If an animal is in pain, and there is a controlled, effective way out for them, we don't think twice.

Instead of reacting with fear to the idea of euthanasia, we should legalise it, ensuring controlled environments and suitable mental checks prior to action.

Provided the patient is in their right mind, is clear-headed, and knows what they want, what is the harm?

What are we afraid of? That everyone on earth is going to begin running to knock on death's door?

As a society we have become afraid of the concept of death. Death is a natural part of life, and the idea of 'putting someone out of their misery' is not new.

Let's legalise this, with controls, and take a step forward in the care and wellbeing of the world's citizens.

Although it is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, euthanasia will always be a topic people attempt to avoid. But it remains one that society should be willing to face.

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