Euthanasia a chance to say farewell

Last updated 14:30 26/11/2013

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We've asked our readers to share their views on euthanasia laws in New Zealand. Adam Ellington says euthanasia gives loved ones the chance to say goodbye.

People should not be forced to live through the suffering of terminal illness against their will.

Suffering is not necessarily defined as pain. Suffering can be in a variety of forms, mental, physical and emotional, in my opinion.

If someone wishes to say farewell to their loved ones while they are in a state (mental and/or physical) they are content with, then they should have the right to stop the suffering without legal repercussions for the other parties involved.

For someone to assist their loved one end their life they must truly understand what the other person is living through.

This could only be compared with a living hell as the need to take your own life cannot be compared with anything else.

The person who assists their loved one take their life will already, undoubtedly, have to live with pain and heartache of what they have had to do in order to put the needs of their loved one before their own.

These people do not deserve to be punished further.

Personally, I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in a position where a family member asked me to assist them in terminating their life.

I can attempt to put myself in the shoes of the people who have faced this predicament and my emotions cannot even comprehend the feelings that must go through the minds of the people who are asked this question.

I can much more easily put myself in the shoes of someone who is suffering an illness that will rid them of their life anyway.

I would much rather have an opportunity to say farewell to all my loved ones while I am in a physical and mental state that I'm happy for them to remember me in.

I cannot bear the thought of my family having to see me deteriorate rapidly and cause them an ongoing depression for years to come due to the trauma of witnessing this.

I'm 20 years old and I think that for people to have the right of euthanasia withheld is only causing more pain to the families that have already dealt with so much.

It should most certainly be made legal under the right legislation and it should be available in a way that will allow these people to end their life peacefully.

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