Euthanasia: Spare the heroics, let me go

Last updated 12:30 02/12/2013

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I have lived my life well, independently and contributing to society.

As I write this submission I am 67, fit, healthy and happy. I consider that my quality of life is wonderful and I have much to look forward to in the many years ahead.

Until 12 months ago I was working as a registered nurse, so I have seen people in unbearable suffering and those whose frailty is such that their quality of life being impacted so much that they express wanting to die.

Reported recently in the media was an article stating that there was an increase in the elderly ending their own lives.

New Zealand has a growing population of aging people. This group has been more in charge and now face the inevitability of some loss of control of options to help shape their end of live events.

I prepared an advanced care directive four years ago and have been explicit about my end of life wishes. I don't wish heroics or medical interventions to prolong my life. I would like to bring my life to a close in a dignified manner through euthanasia if I could choose this.

I do not want my last years to be ones when my quality of life is so diminished or in so much suffering that I am a burden on my family and the cost of my healthcare is high when no improvement is expected.

That will be my time to bring my life to a close by being euthanased with dignity in the arms of my family.

Goodness gracious, people do this for their pets all the time.

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