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Reach out for real


We need to show 'real life' support to friends who are struggling, not just in a Facebook comment.

My journey with anxiety


Too many people suffer anxiety and depression in silence, and it shouldn't be that way.

How to tell if it's real love

Couple in love

Love happens every day, says marriage celebrant Yvette Reid. Here's how to tell if it's the real deal.

Time for rental laws to change

The questions rental agents ask are shockingly invasive and unnecessary, says Alison Adams-Smith.

Soundtrack to my love story

ed sheeran

Ed Sheeran, thank you for gifting us music so utterly amazing and a song for two soulmates.

Matt Damon's top five

Matt Damon

In honour of Matt Damon's stellar performance in The Martian, here's a rundown of his other top performances.

A Kiwi girl at an Irish wedding


Joanie Throssell finds religion, respect and plenty of the "black stuff" help an Irish wedding go with a swing.

Islamophobia: who to blame?

Man who abused a burqa-wearing Muslim woman is not alone in his bigoted views.

What now for the Warriors?

Tuimoala Lolohea celebrates scoring for Warriors

It’s been a tough year for Warriors coach Andrew McFadden and a rude awakening into life as an NRL coach.

'My diagnosis is incurable'

Cannabis plant

I am not out to party. I take cannabis medicinally in measured doses to minimise my burden to society.

My pick for the All Blacks' best

Steve Hansen

As the Super Rugby season comes to an end, attentions turn to the All Blacks' World Cup squad.

Man crush moments

Chris Pratt

I never thought I’d admit to a man crush but Chris Pratt, you’ve made me do it, writes Clayton Barnett.

Why I'm a pit bull convert


I'm 21 years old and the proud owner of two dogs. Both of them were saved from certain death.

The reality of war


I was 18 when a colleague opened up about his war. I've never forgotten his story.

An open letter to caregivers

Doctor holding a heart

All relationships at their essence boil down to one question, writes doctor Joe Guse. Do I trust you?

The girl at table 32

joan mad men

Gerard O'Neil's life might have been completely different if the typing department had stayed.

The beauty of driftwood

I have always loved wood but it's not hard to imagine the day prohibiting driftwood gathering.

Messages to send back in time

Letter writing


If you could send a message to yourself, arriving 10 years ago, what would it be?

'Controlled' by anorexia at 38kg

Rhianna Boyd

Rhianna Boyd was 14 when anorexia took hold of her. It was nothing to do with wanting to be skinny.

Giving a gift of life

Transplant hospital surgery

Seven people in three cities benefited from Gerard O'Neil's sister-in-law being an organ donor.

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