Ed Sheeran: The soundtrack to our love story

Last updated 10:19 10/12/2015
ed sheeran

You very well may have designed a song for two Soulmates, writes Tiffany Dawn.

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Dear Ed Sheeran,

I remember first hearing this song driving from the airport. It seemed like a country ballad to me. I remember thinking and confirming that I liked it.

I have this thing where if I like a song immediately upon hearing it I usually tend to love it. Often times, I may like a beat of a song but not pay attention to the words.


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Around this point, I began falling for someone special. We were communicating consistently and spending time a lot of time together. I was undoubtedly falling in love. A few days later after hearing this song I was on the phone with him. We were talking about music that we love and artists old and new. During this conversation, we both mentioned songs that we love. I told him that there was a slow song that I really liked that I heard recently. He expressed the same sentiment for a song but could not recall the name of it. I also could not think of the name, lyrics or artist. It was already approaching midnight and our conversation was ending.

I fell asleep and woke up after a few hours. Our prior conversation was active on my mind. I was able to recall some lyrics enough to google,"we found love right where we are".

I finally discovered you. I decided to copy a link to your song and send it to my friend. I was so excited to share this beautiful new song with him. I sent an initial text to him since I was awake and a link to Thinking Out Loud.

It was as if this was scripted from a movie.  It was an unbelievable moment like none other. We agreed that no matter what that would be our song.

After that experience, the universe seemed to provide Thinking Out Loud as a soundtrack to our lives. We began experiencing coincidences when we heard your song. On at least 20 different occasions between us we had an "Ed Experience". I’d get in the car and start the radio and Thinking Out Loud would come on.

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He walks into a bank and it’s the first song he hears.

I call him randomly and without knowing he's listening to it on the radio.

We would enjoy and share the excitement these experiences brought each time. I even made a generic Instagram post about it because the story is still so amazing. It's such a unique story that needed to be shared.

We were never able to see you in concert and after a year of being together our relationship came to an end. I remember talking to him on the phone and texting earlier in the day. It was a conversation of closure but an amicable one. I was boarding a flight later that evening. A few hours later I arrived at the airport. As I entered and walked through the automatic sliding glass doors,guess what's playing? I believe God was trying to tell me,"it’s going to be fine".

He showed me love and possibility. It was part of the plan! There is so much beauty in your song and it will forever be tied to our bit history. Years from now I may have someone new in my life but nothing will ever compare to the love and unique soundtrack that followed us. I will always love your song without bias because it’s beautiful.

So this is my public thanking out loud.

Thank you Ed Sheeran for your creative mind that led to the outward expression Thinking Out Loud. Thank you for gifting us with words, sentiments and music so utterly amazing.You very well may have designed a song for two soulmates.

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