House price honey to the buying bees

Last updated 10:39 24/06/2014
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HARD SELL: The key to attracting buyers is getting your sale price right.

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House price honey to the buying bees Don't expect the earth, sellers Putting yourself in the buyers' shoes

What are your hot tips for selling a house in New Zealand? Tony Robinson says getting the price right is the key to attracting buyers.

Make sure you are familiar with the market and have your home priced right.

Think of your house as a magnet and the buyers are the little pieces of steel that are attracted to your house.

The only barrier is the price.

The closer you get to the right price the more powerful your home will become at attracting not only one, but multiple buyers at the same time.

As a real estate agent, price is where I see so many people get it wrong.

A home will not sell for more just because it is spring time or summer. It will sell because you have attracted the right person to take ownership.

To justify the price, you should always have helpful information on hand, like comparable properties that have sold recently in your area for the amount that you are hoping to walk away with.

Another thing that really matters is trust. If you want  someone to commit to you on this big a level, there is going to have to be trust involved. Sit down with the purchaser and let them get to know you, so they can really feel comfortable that they are making the right decision.

This should help you get a great price for your home any time of the year.

Good luck!! 

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