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Last updated 05:00 09/11/2012
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GET WITH THE TIMES: NZ's transportation infrastructure is lagging behind, writes Brodie Stopforth

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In order for New Zealand to progress economically and at the least keep up with the growth of countries of a similar nature, stimulus needs to be created.

Projects of national interest ought to assist in wealth creation in future.

Two examples of projects that spring to mind and aid in wealth creation are: the need for greatly improved transportation infrastructure and wireless/communications infrastructure.

New Zealand is lagging behind in these two areas and paying a hefty price. When pushing ahead these two projects (among others of a similar nature) New Zealand companies bidding on them should have a huge advantage or incentive so it provides work and profits that are retained here.

Pushing projects of national importance while having one eye on how we streamline and modernise systems and infrastructure can only be beneficial. While we might not see results overnight, they will come.

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