The social system needs to change

Last updated 14:30 09/11/2012
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Changing the broken economic system is something that politicians have used as a football for their own ends for decades.

Surprisingly, the economy is not at the foundation of the problems, that resides close to the surface. At the foundation is the social and political system itself and the way we conduct firstly, our lives, and, secondly, our business.

As an observer, time and time again I have seen good creative ideas stymied and snuffed out by a political system that is geared to collect from every conceivable avenue in order to maintain the coffers of that nightmarish bureaucratic institution we call Government.

Can it be fixed? In my opinion, not without a fundamental change to the social system and this requires a fundamental change to how we do things.

In the past when a human political or social system has reached it's use by date, we have a war. The Russian Revolution and the French Revolution were the result of a desire for social and political change. We now have a great opportunity to fundamentally change the system without having a war.

As the rift between the Haves and Have-nots expands so does the possibility of civil disobedience fuelled by anger and often hunger. The recent 'Occupy' events were an example of how things could easily escalate. The usual 'closing of ranks' by the Haves and use of force to protect their lot is very close by should the current regime of political ideas be put to a strenuous test.

What is needed to fix the New Zealand economy is a completely new socioeconomic system which serves the needs of us all, not just a few.

Is there such a system? I believe so, but it requires a conscious desire to let go of outmoded ideas which obviously are no longer adequate for the job. What is also important is that the people as a whole decide what a replacement system will be, not an elected few.

That means an end to democracy as we currently have it. I posit that political representation has been useful but has now proven to be unable to meet our current needs.

In its place we need a way to instantly assimilate and implement the will of the majority of people. In order for this to happen people need to be informed and prepared to change.

In other words, take responsibility and learn to live with their opinions about how things should be done. Some will find this very scary as they have always relied on others to make decisions for them but a great opportunity to come of age and take the next step is here. Are we ready?

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