We must play to our strengths

Last updated 05:00 12/11/2012
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INGENIOUS: Kiwis are world famous in New Zealand for our ingenuity, our no. 8 wire attitude.

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It is no secret that times are hard, whether you live in Wellington or Washington.

We are often compared to Australians with regard to pay and living conditions, yet our ability to generate income is significantly dwarfed by their huge mineral wealth. So Australians have the mines which gives them a financial advantage, what does New Zealand have?

The few things we have we do not look after particularly well, and we certainly do not invest in them. Working in an international organisation, it is pretty sweet to see how many people know about New Zealand and want to come visit, unfortunately I fear those of them that make the trek will be disappointed, and not return or speak highly to their friends.

How often do we see media articles about tourists robbed or assaulted at national parks or other high tourist areas? Regular reports show rivers and lakes being taken over by algal blooms due to increased run off from farming. In order to compete with Australia we are neglecting, and in some instances destroying one of greatest assets, our image.

Kiwis were once world famous in New Zealand for our ingenuity, our no. 8 wire attitude. It seems that this has begun to fade into the past. Let our small business owners flourish by reducing barriers.

The Government is often blamed for not doing enough, or doing too much, when it is in fact the people that can have an effect. Yes, some issues require government intervention, but without the voice of the people it will not be prioritised.

I propose that Kiwis take it upon themselves to focus on what we have and what our strengths are. Demand safer parking areas in National Parks. Pick up that piece of litter someone else has dropped.

And apply Kiwi ingenuity to solving issues like the pollution of waterways. It is a very strategic vision, but it must be implemented at the individual level.

Essentially as a nation and individuals we must identify our strengths and perform to them, rather than trying to emulate something that we cannot compete with.

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