Can you fix it? Production, innovation the way

Last updated 05:00 24/11/2012

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Can you fix the economy?

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For all New Zealanders to have the same the security and availability of services our baby boomers enjoyed, we need to fix our economy.

We need to keep control of what we are really good at globally: primary production, oil/gas and mineral exploitation, national tourism ventures and playing rugby!

We need to have an inventory of the mineral resources insitu throughout our country and have a long-term coordinated extraction/processing plan. We need to drive and implement oil and gas exploration within our territorial waters ourselves and consequentially own it outright.

Oil and gas exploration is extremely expensive, we need our Kiwi ingenuity to come to the fore to find alternative ways to detect reservoirs of fossil fuels.

All the talk of alternative fuel availability is not going to happen in my lifetime. I really think we should get control of our own resources before others come down and offer us a pittance in royalties.

For us to keep punching above our weight as we did after WW2 and into the 1970's, we need to increase focus on what we still have in front of us - our productive environment and our productive/innovative population.

I also think we have to revisit the closeness of our relationship with Australia, I think we need each other to strengthen each other's place in the world.

New Zealand is a reasonably competitive place to do business and, with a big picture vision between us and Australia, I think we can be successful and strengthen our standing.

Maybe then we can increase our living standards and at the same time educate our population as to what needs to happen for us to maintain and increase our welfare state arrangements.

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