Devalue to revalue

Last updated 05:00 25/11/2012

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Our Finance Minister in the last term could not answer how much of every New Zealand dollar earned wings it's way overseas as corporate profits. Essentially an export of our GDP.

I suggest aggressive devaluation of the New Zealand dollar until overseas corporations find propping up Kiwi companies untenable and find the only buyers for said companies to be Kiwis.

Once we have our stuff back (bought by exporters who've creamed it due to the devalued dollar) our GDP will naturally increase and we can lift the fiscal restraints created for dollar-devaluation.

These same exporters will wish to re-invest their profits, re-investment will naturally be local, thus increasing employment.

We may wish to support the income/export fiscal balance by using policies of equity; for instance, the citizens of a country which does not allow New Zealanders to own property, cannot own NZ property, a state which limits foreign investment will have the same laws applied here, tariffs vs tariffs.

At the moment, NZ is too easy to rort.

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