Refocus economy on children

Last updated 05:00 29/11/2012

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I watched Inside NZ about New Zealand child poverty and it gave me some insight into how to fix the economy.

I believe that we need to focus on providing a better system for the children of New Zealand.

It is appalling that there are ministers for sport, arts etc and no ministers for our children who are our future.

So much money is being put into providing entertainment for the rich and neglecting the very future of our country.

We need to learn from Sweden and how they invest in their children.

We should be appalled by this government. I believe there is enough to provide a safe healthy place for all of the children of New Zealand.

So I feel that we need to raise taxes on a scale depending on what someone earns rather than a generalised tax system - the poor in this country are suffering more than they ever have, creating a sick nation.

Our schools should be able to provide a free meal a day for all of the children.

There should be nurses and weekly visits from GPs to ensure that all the children are checked and treated for conditions before they become life threatening.

The homes need to all be up to a safe living standard. Landlords should be required to provide safe, warm housing - the government needs to invest more in providing help with achieving warm, healthy homes.

There needs to be free education for parents in how to provide healthy food for their children, plus teaching basic skills such as growing vegetables. We need to return to our socialist roots.

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