Can you fix the economy? Support start-ups

Last updated 05:00 12/12/2012

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Can you fix the economy?

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Here's are some key points that should be easy to resolve and can help fix our economy:

1. Help youth that are starting a business. I'm 23 now and have owned a business for three years. I have found it hard that there is no support from Work and Income because my business makes money, but not enough to pay me yet. I'm not sitting on my bum spending tax payers money, I'm actively working 100-hour weeks trying to make my mark. This will stimulate growth and grow incentives for young people to start a business.

2. Start removing tax on fuel and force fuel companies to match the difference of the changes.

3. Lower the minimum wage back to $8.00. It's someone's choice to be in that job - they are not forced - and if they feel they are unhappy they can look for alternatives and go elsewhere. We have to get real about this and stop putting cotton wool on everything. These things have been suffocating the economy. I'm a small start-up business and can see this would lower operating costs which would drive us to hire more staff to increase production.

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