Fixing our economy: Population growth needed

Last updated 05:00 17/12/2012

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New Zealand needs to attract more skilled migrants to its shores to create a bigger demand for its products and services.

In turn, more houses will be needed and the ensuing demand will create more jobs in the related sectors which will filter through to many other industries.

This country needs to accept that a population growth strategy is needed with clearly defined immigration guidelines to balance the skills and cultures that will eventually be drawn in to this new exciting emerging economy. New residents will bring new ideas.

With double the population, spread across the entire country there would be far healthier government coiffers, which could be wisely spent on upgrading infrastructure, developing public transportation and building affordable housing.

In the bleak and forgotten early 80s pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland, there was a national nightly television campaign to buy Irish goods and support local Irish businesses that had reasonable success. New Zealand could develop similar smart and catchy campaigns to attract young and old to the benefits of supporting Kiwi-made goods.

We need to build on the great Kiwi lifestyle dream by promoting and supporting entrepreneurship and start-up businesses.

Charles Dudley Warner famously wrote: "There was never a nation great until it came to the knowledge that it had nowhere in the world to go for help."

Those sentiments still hold some truth today.

All New Zealanders need to play a small part in building on what our forefathers dreamed of. Modernism has made us rely too heavily on others for direction and guidance. It is time we explore the concept of holistic independence in its 21st century context.

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