Fix our economy? Spend your dollars like votes

Last updated 05:00 16/12/2012
Made in New Zealand
Tim Norton

GO KIWI: Is buying New Zealand-made products the answer to fixing our economy?

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It seems we Kiwis still look to our elected representatives for providing the answers.

New Zealanders live in a democratic country and we have the freedom to buy whatever we like. The problem is we   don't look beyond the price. Who really cares if it was made in China, or some other low wage environment? Who really cares when ringing a help line and it is obvious the customer services representative isn't from around here?

It's highly likely that many will put their hands up a say, "I care",  but with their actions they clearly say, "I don't". The next time they go out shopping it will be the cheap foreign goods they buy.

They will buy their food in an Australian-owned supermarket and they will put their money in an Australian-owned bank.

They will drink their so-called Kiwi beer, forgetting the only definite Kiwi input is the name and the water. More than likely the main ingredient, malt, comes from Australia and the profits go to either Japan or Singapore.

Stop looking to politicians to solve the problem. Start looking at every dollar you spend as a vote and make those votes work for New Zealand.

Start buying your food at a local farmers market and butchers store, making sure you know it's 100 per cent New Zealand owned. Change that beer brand to one that is Kiwi made and owned.

Every vote for New Zealand sees a Kiwi job made a little more secure and with enough votes for New Zealand-only products, more jobs will be created. More than likely those call centres will have a Kiwi accent on both ends of the line.

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