Healthcare key to a better economy

Last updated 05:00 19/01/2013

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New Zealand needs to improve its healthcare to make it fast and less mistake-ridden, with an eye to reducing stress for all workers.

If our healthcare was improved, people would be able to get back to work much faster, reducing the cost imposed on businesses by staff suffering lengthy medical delays.

Our health system needs to make diagnoses as soon as possible to help people advise their employer promptly how a disability is likely to affect their job.

Workplaces should be smoke free and staff encouraged to be fit and take breaks when required.

Reducing stress can be achieved by less work hours and encouraging workers to introduce 'to-do lists' for the next day.

TV channels should close down at midnight and start up at 6am to reduce insomnia and related tiredness among employees.

New Zealanders need to reduce the amount of medication taken as some pill cocktails are bad. Effort also needs to be made to help people stop smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods. These habits are increasing the risk of us being sick.

It's time to improve our healthcare to get us on track for a better economy.

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