Changing Kiwi booze culture: No age limit needed

Last updated 05:00 19/12/2012

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Changing the Kiwi booze culture

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I come from Italy and the age limit on drinking alcohol is a ridiculous thing in my opinion.

I first tried wine at home at the age of ten and started having a few beers in the weekend at the age of 14.

I never abused of alcohol, compared with the people in this country. Two or three beers in the weekend has always been my limit, because in my head alcohol isn't such a big deal.

People in New Zealand need to start understanding this.

Increasing the age limit would make the binge-drinking problem worse. It would mean young people had to wait longer to start drinking, making it seem like more of a big deal.

I think we need strict regulation on drunk people in the city centre. I don't like walking home on a Friday or Saturday night in the city because I don't feel safe at all.

I've never seen anything like this in other countries I visited or lived and I think it's disgusting.

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