Kiwi booze culture: It could be worse

Last updated 12:00 21/12/2012

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The drinking culture in New Zealand is terrible and is not limited to underage drinkers.

However, having lived in the United States and Australia, I can see a more positive side to our drinking culture. I'm not backing it in any way, but making the best of a bad situation.

Strong drinking laws and regulations to curb drinking in other western countries have come at a cost - especially for young people who aren't alcoholics, but drink for a good time.

Once drinks are taken out of the equation, young people seek to fill it with something else. I have seen firsthand the drug culture in Australian and US youth and club scenes.

Growing up in Wellington, drugs existed but didn't prevail like they do in Melbourne's club scene. There are some drugs that young Australians take every weekend, rather than drinking. Myself and my friends back in Wellington wouldn't dream of taking them.

While I'm not proud of the drinking culture we have back home, it makes me a little proud that I can't name, price or even tell you where to get a class A drug in Wellington.  It makes me proud of New Zealand that we either have better drug education or just really great people controlling our borders.

I do not envy the price Australia will pay when it has to face its drug culture.

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