Kiwi booze culture: Show them what can happen

Last updated 09:27 03/01/2013

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Changing the Kiwi booze culture

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All alcohol bottles should be labelled with the graphic pictures of motor crashes.

Why is drinking so acceptable in this country? How many people would want to purchase an expensive wine in a restaurant and then sit and stare at graphic pictures on the bottle?

Why is alcohol sold so freely in supermarkets? It allows our young children to shop with mum and see that alcohol is just another supermarket item and part of our daily lives.

Look at the cost of drink: The amount spent on booze buses, drink driving roadside stops, the cost of court time, the cost of the cells, the domestic violence, the killings on our roads, the cost of the ambulances, fire and police to attend those crashes, the cost of the hospital admissions and long term ACC payments and the cost to insurance companies.

I want to see a stop to this. I want to see the legal drinking age raised to 20 years. I want to see alcohol only sold in bottle stores with set hours and to see labels on all bottles and more importantly, a price rise.

After all, they raise the cost of smokes to deter people so why not take the same policy to the booze? We all know the reason why it is not done, whichever party makes this stand would never get back in to power as too many drinkers would stop voting for them.

It is time to make a stand. Increase the price by 50 per cent now.

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